Moving into 2018 – building on our strategy

Over the past eighteen months we have been working hard on a clear concept – to change the landscape for high-end audio with new levels of buyer experience, ownership, and performance. Buying hifi equipment these days can be risky - not least for your wallet. With huge margins for the middle-men, it's all too easy to make an expensive purchase only to find it massively discounted a few months later. So we sell direct – and only through this website. But you also need high-quality advice, and of course, to hear the quiescent products, so we are appointing selected sales consultants to support you. These consultants don't own the Quiescent demo stock they hold, we do, and we only pay them a commission that is nearer to the standard in other industries. That makes our products better value for money for the end customer. 

The money that you've invested in a piece of hifi equipment should be reflected in the technology, design, materials and support that goes into that product. What you own should have real and long-term value. Our sales model and Lifetime Support Agreement helps sustain this, but so do our design values. From the unique way we tackle signal disruption, the exceptional casework, the open-architecture of our streamers or the simplicity of our amplifier designs, every aspect of each product is designed for robustness, easy and reliable operation… and performance…

...dazzling performance. The final goal, to top all the other Quiescent values, is performance and our approach to design within the products is unique. By applying extensive systematic techniques – passive noise and vibration reduction techniques within and between each subsystem, we reduce the reliance on musically damaging digital and analogue fixes such as signal shaping algorithms or large amounts of feedback. The result is a performance of such stability and musicality that it almost hard-wires you emotionally to every genre, every recording and every song you could ever hope to play. Read more about our philosophy here...

Our planned product range will centre around digital sources and solid-state amplification, with high-end power conditioning and key system accessories included in the lineup too. For the main components there will be three price/performance levels:

The Q Series components – our lowest priced products that bring a very competitive combination of quality and performance. These products employ most of the core basics of the Quiescent digital and analogue designs with good quality but less expensive power supplies and reduced levels of passive systematic techniques.

The T Series components – an exceptional product range that will out-perform most high-end kit currently on the market. Employing all our digital and analogue knowhow with great power supplies and extensive systematic techniques throughout the designs.

The X Series components – Our planned ‘cost-no-object’ range that will push the boundaries of casework technology, power supplies and systematic techniques to completely new levels.

Where we are today

The Peak Speaker Connection System – The first part of our plan has been to develop and migrate into Quiescent a particular part of our sister brand, Vertex AQ's heritage. The truth is that in every serious audio system there are significant RFI and vibration issues with the speaker/amplifier interface that, if left untreated, causes serious problems. So by re-engineering the best of the technology from Vertex AQ and adding the production capability of Quiescent we are launching now the Quiescent Peak speaker connection system. This new modular speaker cabling system delivers flexibility, scaleability and sensational performance, and it’s available to buy now.

The T Series Streamer – The other major part of our work over the past year has been the development of our first main Quiescent component – the T Series Streamer. This design has now finished all its development and testing in its various prototype forms and a few customers have heard the technology demonstrator – and been blown away by it. We are now finalising the design details of the casework for this two-box machine and plan to have the first production models available early in the new year.