Quiescent Analogue Interconnects

The Quiescent Analogue interconnects are another part of the strategy that we use to deal with system faults. Problems that can be left unchecked by more conventional cable systems. Through our years of research at our sister company, Vertex AQ, we knew that the problems of RFI and microphony between the outputs and inputs in a chain of components could rob a system of transparency and musicality. And in a modern system with a digital front end and big amps and speakers we can see that we have a combination with significant hazards – the front end is an RFI generator and the amp/speaker end is a vibration generator. And these two damaging problems feed up and down your system through conventional cabling systems causing congestion, smearing, harshness and a narrow, flattened image.

RFI and vibration are the two problems we need to tackle, particularly as they can easily travel around our system along cable looms. So every time we add into a system the techniques to lower RFI and microphony, the greater the listening results – and that's just what the Peak and Apex interconnects enable us to do so easily.

The peak interconnects share the same construction principles as the peak speaker leads - solid-core silver conductors, EMI absorbent tubing and acoustically absorbent braiding. And as each pair of Peak interconnects are added to a system, not only do we reduce the levels of RFI and microphony in that part of the system but reduce the overall amount that can be fed back to other parts of the system. This is particularly true of RFI being fed 'down-stream' from digital components into our amplification and speakers. Or in vinyl systems, vibration being fed from speakers and power-amps back into our delicate phono stages.

The Apex interconnects take everything up a step. With significantly more EMI/RFI and anti vibration treatments, systematic noise and interaction is lowered even further. When used in a system that has very good components and a good systematic architecture, the Apex interconnects release a whole new level of speed, transparency and dynamics, with even greater bandwidth and stability, particularly with complex recordings.

So for any type of system, the Peak interconnects offer an extremely cost effective upgrade that bring greater drama, life and musicality to any performance. For systems with more high-end aspirations the Apex interconnects open the door even wider.

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