Balanced Power Distribution

Like the preamplifier the power distribution is at the heart of every audio system. Every component connected to the distribution block or balanced power supply will have a direct path to interact with others in the system.

Whilst developing our knowledge at Vertex AQ we realized that this presents a significant opportunity to improve the entire system. Our Aletheia PSU 1 and 2 along with our balanced Taga have been big hits amongst customers and reviewers with benefits of clean balanced power coupled with our unique approach to dealing with disruptive signals being obvious.

Of course we've taken the basic concepts developed from the Vertex products and used those to build the Quiescent range of power distribution but we could not resist the opportunity to design and machine ultra-low acoustic casework to further improve the performance.

We have three models in our line up from the Balanced Distribution Block which uses a balanced 300VA toroidal transformer all the way to the massive T Series 1.5KVA Balance Power Supply Unit.

What does a balanced power distribution solution do for the listening experience? The most obvious and instantly recognisable improvement is the bass lines. But after some time with our balanced power supplies you will come to understand that they have an ability to allow the system to reveal small nuances and vital three-dimensional phase information that is so vital to the reproduction but is usually lost due to normal damaging influences in the electronics themselves. By draining these sources of damage through each of the sockets on the power distribution block, the music reproduced is more stable with less hash and erroneous presentation.

The ability to track the musical signal is part of the core of what we do and the Quiescent Balanced Power Distribution solutions are part of this overall strategy.