Our digital to analogue converters (DACs) are based on our experience gained from the development of our Aletheia 1.0 and and 1.5 under our sister brand Vertex AQ.

In our view, a good DAC should always make an assumption that the digital stream being fed into it is of the highest quality. Many modern DACs make the opposite assumption and designers have deployed complex correction algorithms and noise-shaping techniques.

During the development of our streamers, we realised the full potential of the Aletheia DACs and decided to go a step further in our approach.

All our DACs benefit from the same absorption technologies deployed at at various levels in the ranges. They are also have ultra-low acoustic casework that is designed to absorb damaging acoustic signals generated from the electronics.

The resulting components are truly exceptional at what they do. When partnered with a high quality digital stream from either a CD transport or digital streamer, they will provide you with endless hours of enjoyment. When partnered with a Quiescent digital streamer, they step into another league in performance with timbres and textures that you did not know were there.

The vital low level information that leads to strong and well-timed bass, a wide sound stage with three dimensional presentation and a lack of harshness is the signature of a Quiescent DAC when partnered with a Quiescent streamer.