T-Series Mains Conditioner

  • T-Series Mains Conditioner
  • T-Series Mains Conditioner
  • T-Series Mains Conditioner

T-Series Mains Conditioner


After a complete review of our previous award winning products, the T-Series mains conditioner provides reference quality mains distribution at the heart of the audio system. Deploying highly innovative technology that has been developed from the ground up, the result is an exceptionally quiet and non-intrusive approach to clean power. At its core is the deployment of massive anti-vibration technology that drains damaging mechanical energy from the mains input but also between each component within the system.

Exceptional systems require exceptional power; the T-Series delivers.


    • The T-Series Mains Conditioner is the result of a complete review of our highly acclaimed Taga mains distribution blocks and Aletheia PSUs.

      Like all other Quiescent components, significant attention has been spent on reducing the effects of system-wide noise and vibration propagation. Whilst the effects of poor mains on audio systems is well understood, we believe that many of the options for dealing with poor mains cause other unwanted loss of information or systems to add to the signal through self-induced microphonic noise and propagation of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

      The T-Series is unique because it deploys extremely quiet, non-intrusive technology to not only deal with mains-borne noise but also fully isolate system components from each other. This prevents propagation of noise through the mains connections in the system.

      Features include:

      • A robust power supply employing a custom-wound 500VA transformer fully coupled to vibration absorption technology
      • Full decoupling between non-balanced and balanced sections.
      • Separate and independent isolation for all outputs on the rear panel
      • Massive custom-built chassis with output and input isolation using  proven Quiescent anti-vibration technology
      • Four highly efficient radio frequency absorption modules 

      All of this results in an exceptionally clean and stable mains distribution system that allows other components to preform at their maximum potential.

    • Outputs
      Sockets 1-4Balanced Neutrik PowerCon (total max load 700W)
      Sockets 5 & 6Unbalanced Neutrik PowerCon
      FinishBead blasted natural or black anodised high grade aluminium and non metallic top
      Dimensions (HxWxD)140x440x430mm
      GroundingM5 binding post on rear panel
      Input115 or 230V a.c., 50 or 60Hz
      Max Power Load
      IEC 10A