Peak Mains Connection System

The Peak Mains Connection System has been designed to enable the application of significant anti-vibration and anti-EMI/RFI technology to the component/mains interface.

It is well known and, now, a mantra that cleaning up mains from environmentally-borne acoustic, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is a must for high-end musical reproduction. With the new Quiescent Peak Mains Connection System, we have taken this to a new level.

Through the extensive research and development undertaken on our Peak Speaker Connection System and the insights we gained in developing the Apex Interconnect, we are pleased to launch our newest set of products designed to ensure that the mains supply fed into the components is free from the unwanted energy that causes severe performance issues.

Using the same highly inert and impressive Peak Module, the Peak Mains Connection System deploys significant absorption technology that is designed to achieve the goal of reducing noise without impacting the musicality, speed and realism of the presentation. In fact, because of the way they work, musicality, speed and accuracy are vastly improved.

The Peak Mains Connection System comprises three main elements:

  • The Peak Mains Absorption Module, complete with IEC inlet and Neutrik mains outlet or outlets. This module is available with one output for those who require complete component isolation or in a two-output version to allow for connection to two components. Both versions are supplied with a IEC inlet to allow you to use your own preferred mains cable if desired or with our own mains connection lead.
  • The Peak Mains Shunt module, complete with a captive flying lead terminated with a high quality mains plug suitable for your country. This is a significantly enhanced shunt filter bringing performance well beyond that of our already well-acclaimed Jaya product lines. 
  • The Peak low-noise mains cable for connection from the Mains Module to the component and from the Peak Mains Module to the mains. These are offered separately again to allow you to make your choice on whether you use our cables or your own.

When developing the Peak Mains Connection System, we listened to our customers and consultants with respect to practicality and usage. At the inception of the Peak Speaker Connection System, we knew that we would extend the technology to the mains interface but we were very clear that we wanted our customers to have flexibility for the cable selection and to ensure that modification of set ups or a move of listening room or house could be accommodated with a minimum of disruption.

Much of the feedback we received was around the portability and flexibility of the Vertex Roraima products. With the Peak Mains Connection System, you now have the choice of your cables or our own but also, at the time when the systems needs to be moved or swapped around, the only part of the system that may need replacing is the output cable itself. The investment made in the Peak Mains modules will always be protected.

Just like the Peak Speaker Connection System, our meticulously designed casework has been crafted for the Peak modules to be easily stacked and, yet, completely isolated from each other. Again, through our 3D design work and modelling, we wanted to make sure that practicality, appearance and performance are balanced harmoniously.

To experience and understand how the system works and the performance gains possible, contact your nearest Quiescent Consultant who will be able to help you with the science but, more importantly, a chance to hear the difference yourself.

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