Peak Speaker Connection System – Available Now

The Peak speaker connection system has been designed to enable the application of significant anti-vibration and anti-EMI/RFI technology to the amplifier/speaker interface.

In the early days of our sister brand vertex AQ, we knew that the presence of unwanted RFI/EMI and broadband acoustic vibration interfered with every part of the replay chain. At that time, we developed the Moncayo speaker cable range that is still being used today by a number of hi-fi critics in their test systems as well as many satisfied customers globally. The new emerging range of Quiescent components takes our well-established techniques right inside the boxes of course, but we still need to deal with the problem at the amplifier/speaker interface. So now, through extensive research and our superior design and manufacturing capability, we have been able to take the achievable performance in a speaker cable system to a new level, not least by the contribution of our radical new casework designs for an ultra-low acoustic signature.

The Peak speaker connection system comprises two main elements:

  • The Peak absorption module, complete with binding posts and captive flying leads.
  • The Peak low-noise speaker cable.

The idea is that these products can be used in a variety of ways to build a truly high-end cabling solution:

  • The use of one Peak absorption module per speaker channel, added in-line with your existing speaker cable, at speaker end or amp end.
  • The use of two Peak absorption modules per speaker channel, added in-line with your existing speaker cable, using one at the speaker end and one at the amp end.
  • Replacing your standard speaker cable with the Peak low-noise speaker cable.
  • Using one or two Peak absorption modules with the Peak low-noise speaker cables to create an exceptional connection solution.

And it doesn’t stop there. For enthusiasts who own bi-wired or tri-wired speakers, it is possible to use one or more Peak Absorption Modules with our low-noise links for each speaker in order to completely isolate the different parts of the cross-over networks and drivers for a truly breath-taking experience. Our meticulously designed casework has been crafted for the Peak modules to be easily stacked and, yet, completely isolated from each other.

To experience and understand how the system works and the performance gains possible, contact your nearest Quiescent Consultant who will be able to help you with the science but, more importantly, a chance to hear the difference yourself.

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