Peak Speaker Connection System

The Peak Speaker Connection System has been designed to enable the application of significant anti-vibration and anti-EMI/RFI technology to the amplifier/speaker interface.

Leveraging over twenty years of experience and knowledge, we have been able to push the boundary further through extensive research and superior design and manufacturing.

Whilst many manufacturers use techniques to "filter" unwanted signals from the amplifier to the speaker using particular capacitive/inductive techniques which usually cause side-effects on the system, our cables are designed to be almost infinite bandwidth employing non-intrusive techniques to remove unwanted EMI/RFI.

Other manufacturers focus on maximum bandwidth but, without Quiescent technology, these cables will pass what we want and what we don't. This is one of the reasons why many silver cables come across as being bright in their presentation. 

At the heart of the system, the Peak Absorption Module employs no less than five different proprietary technologies to vastly improve what we refer to as "musical tracking". Using advanced materials and time-consuming manufacturing techniques, each module is designed to be as inert as possible to the music but as disruptive as possible to what we don't want to hear.

Put simply, we wanted to create an noise-reducing cabling solution that does this effectively but without having any negative impact on the flow and fluidity of the musical signal.

The Peak speaker Connection System comprises two main elements:

  • The Peak absorption module, complete with binding posts and captive flying leads.
  • The Peak low-noise speaker cable.

These elements can be used in a variety of ways to build a truly high-end speaker cabling solution:

  • The use of one Peak absorption module per speaker channel, added in-line with your existing speaker cable, at speaker end or amp end.
  • The use of two Peak absorption modules per speaker channel, added in-line with your existing speaker cable, using one at the speaker end and one at the amp end.
  • Replacing your standard speaker cable with the Peak low-noise speaker cable.
  • Using one or two Peak absorption modules with the Peak low-noise speaker cables to create an exceptional connection solution.

Furthermore, for enthusiasts who own bi-wired or tri-wired speakers, it is possible to use one or more Peak Absorption Modules with our low-noise links for each speaker in order to completely isolate the different parts of the cross-over networks and drivers for a truly breath-taking experience. Our meticulously designed casework has been crafted for the Peak modules to be easily stacked and, yet, completely isolated from each other.

To experience and understand how the system works and the performance gains possible, contact your nearest Quiescent Consultant who will be able to help you with the science but, more importantly, a chance to hear the difference yourself.

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