Power Amplifier

The Quiescent series of power amplification steps up from the entry level Q Series which incorporates a 500VA toroidal transformer all the way up to the X Series mono blocks with a combined 1.4KVA of toroidal power between them. Running in class A/B, they punch well above the power output statistics thanks to our simple fast electronics and the massive amounts of absorption technologies deployed.

All amplifiers use the ultra-low acoustic heatsinks that are used in our power supplies and digital streamer head units. The machining and finishing of these alone requires 14 different operations to ensure that the mathematical calculated contours and helixes are precision accurate.

Gone are intrusive feedback techniques and laboratory measurements. Our designers focused solely on speed, transparency and accuracy. To do this, we separate the sub-systems from cross-polluting and causing intermodulation which can be observed as distortion when listening.

The Q Series is the affordable entry level stereo preamplifier delivery a continuous 65W per channel into 8 ohms. But don't let this fool you. Those 65W are delivered with never-deployed before absorption technologies that result in musical timing, flow, bounce and accuracy that will surprise.

The T Series increases the power output but, more importantly, the amount of absorption technology deployed to deliver a more authoritative sound and the X Series, when completed, will simply push the envelope to levels never seen before.