The preamplifier, like the distribution power supply, is at the heart of every audio system. We realized that this would provide an excellent opportunity to drain damaging effects from other components to improve overall system performance in all our areas.

All our preamplifiers are designed with simplicity, openness and speed as their prime design parameter. Once we were happy with the electronics and power supplies, we set about implementation our absorption technologies in key areas to literally "suck" the damage out of a whole system.

To preserve and prepare the signal for the power application, we have deployed varying levels of RF, EMI and acoustic absorption which result in transparency and speed not yet realised in other systems.

Following the Quiescent design philosophies of avoiding components that we know to cause significant amounts of damage, our preamplifiers use only motorized volume knobs and offer switchable options to turn off electronics that we know cause damaging effects to small signals.

As you move up the ranges, the power regulation and supplies become increasingly more stable and separated. The ultimate Quiescent preamplifier uses never-seen before casework design that is considered to be an integral part of the overall absorption strategy.