T Series Streamer

T Series Streamer

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The T Series streamer is a two-box solution comprising a digital head unit and separate Linear Power Supply Unit (LPSU). The head unit employs open architecture hardware and software and comes as standard configured with Roon, although it can operate with any of the current commercial streaming systems.

The Digital Head Unit (DHU) has been designed to be as "quiet" as possible. Examples of this are minimising the number of noisy sources such as displays, LEDs and microprocessor controls. It also incorporates technology to prevent backward pollution through to the LPSU and forward pollution to an external DAC or preamplifier.

The DHU employs the following technology:

  • Intel i7 quad-core processor with passive heat pipe cooling and acoustic drain
  • High-speed DDR4 RAM (32Gb) and SSD (512GB, 1TB or 2TB)
  • Optical and electrical S/PDIF outputs, and USB out
  • High speed LAN (wired connection)
  • Onboard DAC with RCA analogue outputs
  • Comprehensive RFI and EMI reduction techniques
  • Comprehensive anti-vibration techniques
  • Quiescent anti-resonant case with acoustically disruptive panels and heatsink

The design of the LPSU avoids as much as possible noisy power supply processes, employing significant RFI, EMI and microphony reduction technologies. The result is a power supply that is highly stable with a excellent low noise floor ensuring that the head unit gets a clean source of power. The LPSU also carries out all the startup and test functionality of the digital head unit ensuring safe and reliable operation.

The LPSU employs the following technology:

  • Quiescent anti-resonant case with acoustically disruptive panels and heatsink
  • Quiescent proprietary mains inlet isolation
  • High-quality mains transformer
  • Highly RFI and EMI optimised rectification and discreet component regulation for all DC outputs
  • Comprehensive RFI and EMI reduction techniques
  • Comprehensive anti-vibration techniques

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