The Q Series

The Q Series is our entry level range with its prime design goal being to bring outstanding performance for a lower budget.

What we have found in our development of all three ranges of our products is that simplicity in implementation is the best approach. With high-speed electronics required for true and accurate reproduction, however, come issues with unwanted disruption in the forms of RF, EMI and acoustic energy. In our view, the current methods for dealing with these is either poorly implemented or just plain wrong.

Our methods are quite different and based on our heritage with the Vertex AQ products which are already well-accepted and have received multiple awards and praise. Taking the technology inside the casework allows us to not only place the technology where we have previously but also to get it closer to the actual problems and even isolate key subsystems from each other.

Whilst the T Series range was developed with only a space limitation in mind, the Q Series is all about the money. Quiescent technology is simple in its implementation and non-intrusive in its operation but it requires advanced materials and time consuming tasks to get it right. Our approach is to deploy where we know we get most return for the work we do. Whereas the T Series is about fitting as much of the technology inside the casework, the Q Series is about doing this with cost and time in mind.

So what can you expect from the Q Series? You will still recognize the familiar realness to the musical. Speed and timing is something that we sacrifice with any of our products. Compare to its peers from other manufacturers, each component has been carefully evaluated in our test facilities for musical enjoyment rather than bench-marking tests which quite frankly don't give much of an indication of how musical something is.

To experience the Q Series and what it does that many other systems cannot, contact one of our consultants to arrange for a demonstration.