The T Series

The T Series is the starting point for Quiescent and sits in the middle of our planned roadmap. Our goals here were to deploy as much of our technology as possible within a specified form factor and to follow our philosophy of minimizing sophisticated but often erroneous correction techniques either in software or hardware. To do this required many hours of research and development and trying different deployment strategies to give us the biggest returns for space available inside the casework.

Starting with the T Series streamer and its two-box approach, every component uses high quality power supplies that are both stable and low noise in order to track every possible transient in the music. All components in this range benefit from ultra-low acoustic chassis design with specifically calculated profiling and shaping of the aluminium. This attention to casework is very difficult to attain but, using advanced modeling and computer controlled machining techniques, we are able to get machines with precision accuracy.

Also consistent with our philosophy we have thrown away any noisy displays or components. The performance is severely degraded using any kind of display and would have required significant treatment so we decided to avoid the problems in the first place. So you will find no displays or unnecessary indicators that hinder the performance of the system and you will even be able to switch off the power lights.

The result is a series of components that, when connected together, is breath-taking in its presentation, speed, musical realism and emotion that is so often missing from other high-end systems. When used individually, each component will follow our ethos that no component should add or subtract from its input but simply prepare the signal for the next component in the chain with a minimum of signal loss or disruption caused. But what you will also discover is that non-intrusive techniques used to drain damaging RF, EMI and acoustic energy will actually lift the performance of your other components.

So what can you expect from a T Series component? You will discover musical pieces that you thought were badly recorded to be involving and very musical. You will be able to turn the volume up to levels that you didn't think were possible and marvel at the brilliance of the performers. The T Series sets new levels of performance at any price which was our prime design goal.

Other manufacturers make the same claims at this level. What is different is that we deploy technologies that many other manufacturers do not understand in ways that have taken us many years to perfect.

To listen to what T Series can do, contact one of our consultants to arrange a demonstration. We hope you will agree with us that this is a "quiet revolution" in audio reproduction.