Vertex Classic Components

Well, it was inevitable that we would move the sale of our Vertex AQ classic components to this website. These products have always been great, and they really deliver what we say they do – many Vertex customers will testify to that. So now we can offer them at considerably better value, with a minimum 22% price reduction. 

Available to buy are our highly acclaimed Roraima mains cables, Jaya and Aneto filters and DC blockers, Pico grounding modules and leads, in addition to the full range of Taga mains distribution blocks.

The Vertex AQ products are still an important part of our strategy and, because of this, they will remain in production indefinitely. These classic components enable our customers a more affordable start on the 'systematic approach' ladder – that system architecture thinking where we look at solving the real performance problems around the system, bit-by-bit. These Vertex products naturally lead up to the new and even higher-performance Peak infrastructure components and, of course, Vertex and Peak components are designed by the same team and work brilliantly together, so there are no system matching issues should you decide to keep upgrading!

Lastly, some of you will see that we have not carried over the majority of the Vertex AQ Hi-Rez components and cables – this is because these are being replaced by the far higher performance Peak products.