Who are we? Approach

We know that you have spent a great deal of time listening to and upgrading your audio system. There are many manufacturers claiming that their products are the only solution to solving issues but, in our experience, we have found that no one solution can address all situations. This is why we have developed our products and approach to use a system-wide methodology that is divided into the following:


We start by understanding you and any goals that you may have in improving the performance of your audio system. During this part of the process, we need to know everything about your components and the environment in which they operate. We will also ask you about particular musical pieces that you perceive are challenging to listen to and what your observations are with respect to where things could be better.


Once we have gathered all the required information, we listen to the same tracks of music that you do. We do this in our reference system so we can understand the disruptive physics at play during musical passages.

It is during this phase that we also research your audio equipment. We gather as much information as possible on how it is built, it operates and, where possible, design principles employed. It is by understanding your system that we can devise improvement strategies to increase performance. 


This phase brings together the Consultation and Analysis stages into a home demonstration plan. Quiescent components are designed to intercept damaging transmission of acoustic oscillation, electromagnetic and radio interference. During the planning phase we bring together your observations with scientific analysis of our own to determine which Quiescent components will bring the most benefits first. 


The most important phase is delivering the benefits that you seek. One of our consultants will visit you with the components that we feel will have most impact on your audio system’s performance. Many of our infrastructure components have been designed to slot in easily into audio systems and our consultant will explain the plan to you and why we feel that our solution will help. Once the components are installed, we leave the rest to you. Our policy is to leave the components in place for no less than one week to allow you to appraise whether the solution has achieved the goals you had.