How to hear and buy Quiescent products

Part of the new “quiescent way’ of doing business is how we interact with customers. Simply, we have just one, joint, customer support team and that is Quiescent itself with our Quiescent consultants. In this way a potential customer engages with everyone involved, from listening to the equipment in a consultant’s listening room to speaking with the designers about streaming software or amplifier compatibility. Home demo’s might be done by a Consultant, or a member of Quiescent, or both. It’s simply down to using our resources in the best way to meet your requirements.

To get started you can contact us through this website using the chat or the contact form or call one of our consultants. Alternatively, if you just want to receive updates on our progress and developments, you can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on facebook.

Decision Support

Buying high-end audio components can be very stressful and challenging. Although there is guidance from industry influencers and reviewers, we believe that the real test is to listen for yourself.

When we start talking, you get our full attention with respect to your wants or needs. Our consultants have been thoroughly trained on all the Quiescent products including the science behind the sound. We’ll talk about all the unique features of our products and hopefully dazzle you with the sound quality. We’ll try different components, talk about everything from system setup to room acoustics. The Quiescent team has many years of knowledge and experience all available for you to call upon. Our consultants have been hand-selected for their diverse experience and knowledge of other leading manufacturers' products as they are our best critics. Ultimately, though, the choice is down to you so we want to do everything we can to help you make that informed choice.

When it comes to purchase, you will have probably noted that is only possible to buy Quiescent products direct from us through this website. We use a highly secure payment e-commerce platform to do this and it ensures that we meet core values and company philosophy found here. Whoever from Quiescent is supporting you, either us directly, or one of our sales consultants, will be able to talk you through the ‘shopping cart’ procedure if you wish. So although it’s online, it’s not a faceless process.

Hand-built to order!

All Quiescent products are meticulously hand-built to order due using specialized manufacturing processes. So, when your order is taken, we following a structured process to completing the product build and delivery to you. 

Once you receive your first Quiescent component it doesn’t stop there of course – in essence you’re now one of the team! You will benefit from all our continued support, comprehensive warranty cover, and much more.

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