Part of our strategy for a great ownership experience is the provision of our Lifetime Support Agreement (LSA). When we were thinking about how to be better than other suppliers in the market, we thought back to our own early ownership experiences and realised we could do a lot more. Traditionally, the only contact customers have is with dealers (who all have different opinions on what’s best for us), or brief encounters with distributors and manufacturers at busy hifi shows. Then, once your purchase is made, you’re on your own again, apart from an industry standard warranty.

We realised we could make the ownership proposition a lot more inclusive to all the aspects of Quiescent, even things like design and testing. Already we have customers involved with listening tests of our technology demonstrators. Surely, we figured, if a customer invests in one of our products, he’s investing in our design and brand values and has a genuine interest in what we are doing, and even adds value to the brand with support and feedback.

Here are the six parts to the Quiescent LSA:

  • A full parts and labour guarantee on all products for five years from the date of purchase. Warranty returns include a free health check. Warranties are transferable.
  • Free online and phone support, for ever, on the product you have purchased, or to discuss anything else about Quiescent products or any topic or issue about hi-fi generally.
  • Home demonstrations of quiescent products by Quiescent Sales Consultants or if required, core members of Quiescent. Visits by Quiescent staff limited to one visit prior to each purchase. Other visits by consultants at the consultant's discretion.
  • Future upgrades return to works options. If from time to time we introduce upgrades to the design of our products that are backwards compatible (for example, an improvement to power supply components), we will offer owners of the older model the upgrade, in a return-to-works program that would be very attractively priced for the performance gain achievable.
  • Automatic enrolment into our Quiescent Rewards Scheme when you make your first Quiescent purchase (starts at £1000 spend)
  • As a Quiescent owner, and by keeping your account active on this website, you will receive from time to time news emails (if you want to be on the mailing list for those) and special invites to closed door demos and discussions at hifi shows and other events.
There are of course, all the usual legal bits too. See our full Terms and Conditions.