More about the Peak Absorption Modules

The Peak Absorption Module is the core component of the Peak Speaker Connection System, providing the bulk of the RFI/EMI and vibration absorption capability. At the start of the design of Peak Speaker Connection System, we used our experience gained from the development of the Moncayo speaker cable range and challenged ourselves with using the previously used techniques to a new level.

The module body, for example, is machined from a solid block of aluminium allowing for a unique non-resonant design. Meticulous attention to detail has been employed to ensure that the case itself helps to drain unwanted microphonic signals that cause damage to the audio signal. The block itself goes through a three-step process to produce an unrivalled finish.

With usability firm in our design principles, we have designed the Peak modules to be used in a modular approach. To do this, the modules can be placed on top of each other in order to preserve space but in a way where they remain stable and that they are not coupled together. Once the specially selected feet are sited in the carefully machined “pockets” on the top of the other module, they remain stable and de-coupled. Extremely important when the goal is to ensure that sub-system isolation is the goal! Internally the module contains a complex anti-vibration labyrinth in addition to significant RFI and EMI reduction techniques. We borrowed these techniques from our sister brand Vertex of course but they have been extended to include new techniques that we have been developing during a 12-month research program.

The conductors used are solid-core silver, insulated with air tube Teflon and given our proprietary EMI absorption treatment. Even the braiding has been re-evaluated and we have employed an outer sheath that acts as an acoustic block to unwanted vibration down the outside of the cable. To connect your existing speaker cable or our own specially developed Quiescent cable, the module is fitted with high quality silver binding posts at one end.  These are configured as either single wire or bi-wire configurations and use the rapid undo/do locking mechanism. The Peak Absorption Module can, of course, be connected to the speakers or power amplifier. To do this, we have supplied captive leads with silver exiting the other end for connection to your amplifier binding posts, or speaker terminals. These can be ordered as 8mm spades or 4mm banana plugs.

The result is our best Speaker Connection System developed so far.

To experience and understand how the system works and the performance gains possible, contact your nearest Quiescent Consultant who will be able to help you with the science but, more importantly, a chance to hear the difference yourself.