The Peak Absorption Module is the core component of the award-winning Peak Speaker Connection and Peak Mains Connection Systems. This module provides the majority of the RFI/EMI and vibration absorption technology that is responsible for a significant lowering of the system noise floor.

At its inception, our design methodology was to provide a fully flexible solution that can be used with third-party cabling or Quiescent award-winning cabling options.

The Peak module body is machined from a solid block of high-grade aluminium allowing for a unique non-resonant design. Meticulous attention to detail has been employed to ensure that the case, in addition to the multi-path acoustic labyrinth, drains unwanted vibration which, in turn and left unchecked, generates microphonic signals. This self-generated microphonic noise results in irreparable damage to the audio signal.

With usability firm in our design principles, the Peak modules have been designed to be used in a modular approach. As the Peak speaker connection system is added to, the performance improvements increase. An example of this is, if one pair of Peak modules has been purchased to use on a bi-wire pair of speakers, a second module can be added later to isolate the high-frequency/mid-range input from the bass on the back of the speaker. An upgrade such as this is both easy but also significant in terms of improvement in the musical performance.

The Peak also benefits from a unique easy-stack approach preserving valuable space. Placing the modules on top of each other this way remain stable and de-coupled from each other. This is vitally important to ensure complete sub-system isolation.

Internally the module contains a complex anti-vibration labyrinth partnered with significant RFI and EMI reduction technologies. All internal conductors are high-grade solid-core silver, insulated with air-tube Teflon and subjected to our proprietary EMI absorption treatment.

Even the braiding has been extensively researched. We have employed an outer sheath that acts as an acoustic block for unwanted vibration conducting along outside of the cable.

Having won the Audio Excellence Award from Hifi Critic for our Peak Speaker Connection System, we have extended the technology to the Peak Mains Connection System where dramatic drops in the noise floor can be achieved.

To be part of an effortless listening experience and understand how the systems work with the performance gains possible, please contact us or your nearest Quiescent Consultant.