About ordering and shipping


  • Changing the quantity will not change the price displayed on the product page.
  • Your quantity will be shown on the price in your cart.
  • You can make further changes to your requirements and quantity in your cart but ensure you update cart to see your correct totals.

Payment Process:

We do not take your payment until we have spoken with you regarding your purchase. This is partly to ensure that you have ordered the correct items for your needs but also to ensure that your card has not been used for fraudulent purchases. Once we have spoken with you, we will then process the payment against the items you have ordered with the card details you provided at the time of purchase on our web site.

Cooling Off Period:

Whilst we are getting your purchases scheduled for built, you will have a cooling off period of fourteen days. If you change your mind and decide to cancel your order, you will be able to do so with no costs incurred by you. We will refund your money against the card that you use to make your purchases and cancel the scheduled build in our systems. After the fourteen days have elapsed, we will send you a confirmation email with expected delivery date. At this time, the order cannot be cancelled.

The Build Process:

Quiescent products are hand-built to order. Many of the techniques and processes we use are time-consuming and need to be scheduled in a sequential manner. Your custom is very important to us and we do not want to set unrealistic expectations on when you can expect to receive your purchase. During this time, Quiescent will email you with regular updates to the expected delivery leading up to the time when build and testing is complete and a courier is being scheduled for delivery.

Delivery Process:

Once our products have passed quality assurance, we will contact you to arrange a suitably convenient delivery date. Due to the value of Quiescent components, we only use reputable carriers and always insist on sign-for services.


Quiescent products are valuable and also fragile. For this reason, all our products are shipped using purpose-built flight cases. The internal packaging is designed to be strong and shock absorbent. You should retain this in the event that you want to sell or move your Quiescent products in the future.


Each Quiescent product is backed up by our LSA. This LSA is automatically registered to you as the first purchaser. If you decide to upgrade or sell your Quiescent component or components, you simply need to tell your buyer to contact us and we will move the support agreement from you to them. We will ask them to provide the serial number and confirm that they purchased the item from you when they do this.


Each Quiescent product is rigorously tested before it leaves our factory. In the unlikely event that the product has failed, you will be able to return this item to us using the process described in our LSA. Once we receive this, we will test the product in our facilities and, if we find a manufacturing fault, we will give you the option of having it fixed or your money back if the unit fails within the first 6 months. We will also accept returns within the first 30 days of you receiving the product and you have changed your mind or are not happy with the performance. This is subject to our returns policy found here.