Peak Speaker Connection System Performance

So what is about the Peak Speaker Connection System that is so different and what would you come to expect?

Your amplifier and speakers are the source of hugely damaging acoustic energy that feeds throughout the system even reaching the sensitive small signal electronics such as your DAC or phono stage. As if this was not bad enough, there are massive EMI and RF transients running back and forth along the speaker cable which ends up in the crossovers of your speaker and in the rest of the electronics causing irreparable damage to the vital parts of the signals.

Upon first connecting the Peak Acoustic Absorption Module, you will notice that the system seems to be calmer and more at ease. This is not to say that it is laid back or slow - in fact far from it. The speed and excitement actually increases dramatically but what you will notice very quickly is that you are able to listen at much higher volumes. What you thought were shrilly voices, irritating piano harmonics or loss of wonderful detail because someone had told you that it was a "bad recording" or "it's better in high-resolution format" is simply not true to what is there to be played. After some time with the modules, you will feel relax and amazed how much your system was being held back before they were put in. 

Now enter the Peak speaker cables. As you would expect, we use high quality conductors and sheathing like other manufacturers' of high-end options but, unlike others, we pay particular attention to damaging EMI and RF by using a proprietary method of absorbing this as it moves down the cable. This ensures that it is not re-radiated into either the speaker or the power amplifier where it would go on to cause further irreparable damage in the rest of the system.

Inserting a pair of of Peak speaker cables will further improve what you have already experienced with the Peak Absorption modules. Further stability and authenticity of the music, better and more rhythmic bass, clearer treble tones and voices sound unnervingly real.

Adding more Peak Acoustic Absorption Modules continues to increase the performance as the speakers become increasing isolated from the sensitive electronics and vice-versa. Our consultants are able to demonstrate this to you in a multitude of different was if you want to experience how the Peak can bring new levels of performance from your current audio system.