Quiescent Rewards

Quiescent Rewards are called 'Qubits'. Qubits enable us to recognise and reward customer loyalty.

This is how they work:

  • You earn one Qubit for every £1000 (net) you spend with us.
  • You can redeem earned Qubits on any subsequent Quiescent purchase. 
  • One Qubit equals one percent discount.
  • We notify you of the Qubits you hold after each purchase, with a unique code to redeem them at the checkout. 
  • You can 'bank' Qubits for high-ticket items.
The Quiescent direct sales model passes on much better prices to customers, primarily because it does not include lots of extra cash for big margins – or big sales. But we are able to reward customers fairly with the Qubits scheme because the discount is not up-front and it builds as a customer invests more. And we have set the scheme as percentage discount rather than monetary amounts so that the savings get better on high-ticket items, bringing worthwhile longer-term benefits to customers who are on a serious system building strategy with Quiescent.