Reviews are an important source of information and opinion for customers. Here is a list of recent reviews on Vertex AQ and Quiescent components with comments and context around some of the latest ones.

First Review of Peak Analogue Interconnects – Sept 2018

Three months after Kevin Fiske reviewed the amazing Peak Speaker Connection System, we sent him a pair of the matching Peak Analogue Interconnects. Well, he wrote a review pretty quickly because he loved them so much – and he gave them an Audio Excellence award too.

Oh you might notice there's another short review after the interconnect review. It ends with a very interesting comment by Paul Messenger about his trusty Vertex HiRez Moncayo Speaker leads. Just thought we'd point that out!

Sept 2018 HiFi Critic – Peak Analogue Interconnects

Group Test of Mains Conditioners – Sept 2018

Under the old banner of Vertex AQ, we have been developing and manufacturing passive mains conditioners for many years. They came in two forms from Vertex – the simple plug-in shunt conditioners we call Jaya, and the larger conditioner/distribution blocks we call Taga. Refined over many years, and just so incredibly good, we carried these items forward as 'Vertex Classics'. 

The Guys at HiFi Critic approached us recently, aware of our long track record, and asked if they could test the HiRez Taga and HiRez Balanced Taga alongside machines from four other manufacturers. The review was carried out by Julian Musgrave; a man who takes a rather critical (sceptical even!) view of accessories in general, but who put in considerable effort and gave everything a fair hearing in the review – with results we think he was surprised to discover. The Tagas came out of the foray extremely well, bringing excellent sonic improvements in both the systems they used. But it's Julian's broader analysis and VFM considerations that are also very interesting although we have to say that we thought the testing on the higher-value system was not really representative of true VFM because the active ATC speakers were not powered by the Tagas in the test. To read more about that see this blog written by Steve Elford.

Sept 2018 HiFi Critic –  Mains Conditioners Group Test – Vertex Classics HiRez Taga and Balanced HiRez Taga

First review of Peak Speaker Connection System – June 2018

At HiFi Critic, Paul Messenger and Kevin Fiske had been discussing brands that feature EMI/RFI and anti-vibration techniques. Kevin had not heard great results thus far with such an approach, so at the Bristol Show in Feb 2018, Paul dropped off his Vertex AQ HiRez Moncayo speaker leads for Kevin to take home and try. Well this was all news to us when Kevin phoned us the following week, barely containing his enthusiasm! We of course explained how we had now developed the Moncayo into the Peaks. "I have to try them, and review them" he stated, after, to his disbelief, we told him how much better they are than the Moncayos. The remainder of that story is in Kevin's review.

Also in that issue Paul Messenger discussed the development of Vertex AQ and Quiescent and his own personal journey with our products over the years. Paul has been a great supporter, but not out of anything other than genuine delight at the results of our efforts. See his editorial below.

June 2018 HiFi Critic – Quiescent Peak Speaker Connection System

June 2018 HiFi Critic – Editorial by Paul messenger discussing Vertex AQ and Quiescent (link)

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