Using a current feedback/high bandwidth design with low component count, this solid-state class a/b stereo power amplifier is capable of giving a gripping and propulsive performance way beyond that suggested by its power rating – for a reason.

Power amplifiers are usually severely disadvantaged by high levels of microphonic noise, robbing the signal of dynamic energy and accuracy. During the development phase, our primary objective of this design was to prevent these effects. The culmination of this work has achieved this goal in three ways:

  • With a robust power supply employing a custom-wound 500VA transformer and low-microphonic components, all fully coupled to vibration absorption technology.
  • By using significant vibration protection in and around the sensitive analogue input stages.
  • By employing a dual-mono topology (after the first stage of the power supply) that is both electrical and physical. Critically, this includes independent low resonance, acoustically disruptive heatsinks for the left and right output devices.

All casework is machined using high-grade aluminium and uses Quiescent proprietary techniques for managing vibration and electrical noise, so it does not cause damage to the sensitive circuitry.

Addressing the problems of vibration allows us to maximise the other key features of the amplifier. Current feedback and high bandwidth offer speed and precision that is detailed and transparent with exceptionally low phase error resulting in superb imaging and soundstage. Additionally, extensive EMI and RFI reduction throughout keeps noise and RF intermodulation very low for extremely quiet backgrounds and beautiful tonal purity.