T Series Streamer – Performance

 The T Series digital streamer is a two-box solution that delivers breath-taking levels of performance. Being the first in range of digital streamers allowed us to test and design new techniques that extend from our Vertex heritage.

But what is like to put the T Series streamer in your system?

Initially you will notice considerable improvements attributes such as accuracy, transparency, perceived bandwidth and imaging. But this is only the start. What then slowly occurs is a huge change in your relationship with your music collection. You will come to understand that the music does not sound harsh with lots of distortion in the upper midband and treble as the music gets more complex – none of it. Then you start to hear whole new layers in the mix, delicate and quiet parts behind stronger elements in the recording, that you simply did not know where there before. You will sit there in disbelief in the performance that is front of you. Instruments sound real, the valuable information that places the performers in front and around you is there and you don't think about anything at all except revelling in the mastery of the musicians in the recordings.

Now you start searching for more albums in your collection, all sorts of genres and even what you had previously been conditioned into believing were poor recordings have a presentation that you just did not know was there. The structure of the music is now fundamentally correct, so you relax. You sit there like you were present on the day the artists made the recording, your senses heightened as if you are right there, charged with all the emotion that the performers were feeling. You are enveloped in it, you connect right into the heart of the music, you anticipate the swell, the change of tempo or that blistering guitar solo. And when each track ends, its like you’ve been on the ride of your life – and you just have to come back for more.