Who are we? Innovation



Like many other manufacturers, we are passionate about music and musical reproduction. We strive to produce world-leading products that bring music closer to you and provide for an effortless listening experience. We use advanced computer aided design and simulation techniques to advance our understanding of audio electronics and signal paths but this is where all similarities with other manufacturers stop.

As well as passion for music, we are meticulously fascinated by disruptive effects that cause systems to be coloured incorrectly during playback. Detailed attention to power supplies, high quality components and circuitry layout are key. The main Quiescent difference, however, is that we actively seek ways of disrupting radio and electromagnetic interference and microphonic effects of circuitry caused by multi-frequency mechanical oscillation (or vibration). We have been doing this for over twenty years and have received multiple accolades.

Every product we launch has been the result of this attention to detail and is auditioned to ensure that it achieves our mission. If it doesn’t pass our rigorous testing and listening, it goes back to the drawing board until it does. Furthermore, we don't make guesses or release products unless we truly understand the phenomenon behind our innovations.

It is only by using this approach to the physics inherent in audio systems that an effortless musical experience can be achieved.