Peak Speaker Absorption Module

  • Peak Speaker Absorption Module

Peak Speaker Absorption Module

The new Peak Speaker Absorption module represents a major advance on our highly acclaimed previous model.
Using newly developed patented technology to prevent the flow of unwanted and disruptive mechanical vibration from the loudspeakers back into the sensitive electronics, the module brings about microphonic noise reduction that is so profound that is leaving customers and critics astonished and delighted.

Available in pairs or individually.
  • We have long known that the mechanical transfer of energy is more efficient through solid conductors than through air. It is this principle that has driven us to find ways of preventing the vibration being directly transferred direct into the amplifier and subsequently into other sensitive electronics. This vibration is one of the driving forces behind microphonic generated signals that lead to distortion or harshness of the musical.

    As well as vibration, the speaker cable is a perfect transmission path for unwanted EMI and RFI energy and our breakthrough has been absorbing more of this inside the module using a patented approach developed for all our new products.

    The modular approach is also key to finding upgrade paths. By separating the high-frequency from mid and low frequency signal paths, the modules act as an intervention device preventing cross-pollution between the drive units

  • ConstructionUltra-low resonant high-grade solid block aluminium casework
    EMI/RFI absorptionPatented multi-phase, wide-bandwidth electrical labyrinth
    Mechanical absorptionProprietary casework design with 3D passive acoustic absorption materials
    ConnectionsWBT-0710 nextgen™ pole terminals
    WBT-610Ag nextgen™ 4mm banana plugs OR 
    WBT-681Ag nextgen™ 8mm spades
    ConductorsFour 99.9% solid silver conductors
    with Teflon™ air-tube insulation
    Dimensions (LxWxH)240x150x75mm
    Weight4.5 Kgs per module

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    See how an initial skeptical viewpoint of EMI/RFI treatment was changed after the reviewer experienced the Peak speaker modules and cabling system.
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