Vertex Classics – Roraima Mains Cables

Vertex Classics – Roraima Mains Cables

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We decided to continue making the Standard and Silver Roraimas in their original classic form because they remain as effective today as they did when we first designed them – but now, of course, at a more affordable price!

The primary purpose of the Roraima leads is to break down vibration energy around the mains cable loom – and vibration in cable looms is a surprisingly significant problem. And we've also included the 'Plus' variants which add a fast shunt RFI filter into the design to also lower unwanted RFI effects. 

  • Standard Roraima. Conductors – SPOFC with PTFE insulation. Module is 160mm x 105mm x 45mm and contains a standard acoustic labyrinth.
  • Standard Roraima Plus. Conductors – SPOFC with PTFE insulation. Module is 220mm x 105mm x 45mm and contains a standard acoustic labyrinth and the Standard Jaya shunt filter circuit.
  • Silver Roraima. Conductors – Solid-core silver with Teflon air tube insulation. Module is 160mm x 105mm x 45mm and contains a standard acoustic labyrinth.
  • Silver Roraima Plus. Conductors – solid-core silver with Teflon air tube insulation. Module is 220mm x 105mm x 45mm and contains a standard acoustic labyrinth and the Silver Jaya shunt filter circuit.

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